International conference: Climate Change and Water;   25-27 May 2021, Tours, FR  -- on 26 May hosted by ECRA

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Climate Change & Water

Extreme events : water and environment


May 25-27, 3 sessions online (14:00-16:30 CET/Paris time)


The MiDi (Environments & Diversity) network proposes to focus on the different forms of impacts of climate change via its effect on water. Indeed, if the general trend of global warming is observed in all regions of the world, where are the findings and responses to climate extremes such as droughts, floods, heat waves and sudden and intense rainfall?


This international webinar will take place over three afternoons (14:00-16:30 CET/Paris time) and will be in English. It is open to the academic world and socio-economic partners concerned by the variability of the water cycle and adaptation to extreme events. Half a day will be dedicated to the wine and the forest as an object as well as to the particular hydrometeorological extreme that are droughts. 



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Session 1 - Climate Change & Water keynotes on climate change and extremes : adaptation and governance

Tuesday, May 25


Session 2 - European European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA)

Wednesday, May 26


Session 3 - Forest and wine growing face to drought

Thursday, May 27


Detailed program here (pdf)


This conference is organised in partnership with the ECRA (European Climate Research Alliance). ECRA aims to strengthen, expand and optimise EU climate research capabilities through the sharing of world-class national facilities in Europe and the collaborative realisation of pan-EU programmes.


MiDi is a interdisciplinary Research Thematic Network, focused on biodiversity and habitats and funded by the Centre-Val de Loire Region. The network aims to promote studies in multiple fields of BioGeoSciences and Human and Social Sciences in relation to global changes.



Planned: Hydrological Modeling Training Day

As part of the symposium, a one-day training session entitled « Introduction to Hydrological Modelling in the Context of Climate Change » is was proposed to masters and doctoral students on Monday, May 24th. It includes an introduction to the principles of hydrological modelling and its importance in the context of climate change. This, will not take place due to COVID. However, the originally planned conferences is to take place - as originally planned - in 2022.


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