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The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET Norway) is a state agency under the Ministry of Education and Research based in Oslo with offices in Bergen and Tromsø. It provides meteorological services for public and private sectors, operates meteorological and climatological observations over land, seas and in the Arctic, and conducts research and development. Its official data and products are freely available. The Institute has a staff of around 700 (2016) and an annual budget of around NOK 450 million (ca. €49 million) (2017).

The Research and Development department is concerned with model and climate analysis, ocean and ice, oceanography and marine meteorology as well as climate modelling and air pollution. An important part of the research is monitoring and forecasting sea ice and ocean conditions such as sea level as well as regional climate modelling for Norway, the surrounding ocean areas and the Arctic.

MET Norway in collaboration with other institutions in the field is operating the Norwegian Centre for Climate Services (NCCS) which provides climate and hydrological data as a basis for decision making on climate change adaptation.

MET Norway runs the Norwegian Ice Service and furthermore the website together with the country’s broadcasting company NRK, which provides weather and climate information in Norway and the whole world.

Collaborative Programmes

MET Norway is active in the following ECRA Collaborative Programmes:

High Impact Events and Climate Change

Changes in the Hydrological Cycle.


A list of MET Norway’s projects and activities can be found at this site.


Observation network for land, ocean, ice (esp. High North)
Climate, ocean and ice modelling capabilities
Connection to a national supercomputer at NUST in Trondheim and the ECMWF facilities (


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