ECRA_GA19 - the ECRA General Assembly on 27-28 February 2019, Brussels, BE

For the third time, the European Climate Research Alliance is hosting an ECRA General Assembly in Brussels. The event is open to all, and you are invited to join us for Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 February 2019. This GA's theme will be:

Climate Change and Actionable Information

Register via (open until 27 Feb). (Add the event on Google Calendar). Download the Invitation and Agenda as (pdf, version 07 Feb)

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 ▨    Time & Date; Registration
Time: Wednesday 27 February and Thursday 28 February.
27 Feb: 15:00 - 20:00
28 Feb: 09:00 - 16:30
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Register via 
(registration between 03 Dec and 27 Feb)

Location: Square Brussels, 1000 Brussels

 ▨    Agenda
Download the Invitation and Agenda (pdf, version 07 Feb)

Wednesday 27 February 2019


  Registration and Welcome Coffee

15:30-15:45   Opening Statement Prof. Peter Braesicke (Chair ECRA)
15:45-17:45    Overview of the ECRA Collaborative Programmes  
     CP-SLC Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts Gianmaria Sannino
     CP-CHC Changes in the Hydrological Cycle Elisa Palazzi / Ralf Ludwig
     CP-HIE High Impact Events and Climate Change Martin Drews / Hilppa Gregow
     CP-ARC Arctic Climate Stability and Change Lars Smedsrud
17:45-18:30   Refreshments  
18:30-20:00    Climate Change and
 Actionable Information
     Moderation: Jacki Davis  
     Keynote statement

     Patrick Child European Commission, DG RTD
     Panel discussing, including:

     Yvon Slingenberg European Commission, DG Climate Action
     John Christensen Director of UNEP DTU, Danmark
     Isabelle La Jeunesse University of Tours, France and MIDI Network
     Peter Braesicke Chair of ECRA
     Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann Director Institute for Environmental Medicine, TUM, Germany and HMGU Munich, Germany
    group picture  
20:00-22:00   Reception  
Thursday 28 February 2019
08:30-09:00   Registration and Welcome Coffee 
    The Arc (main room) Room 202 (capacity 51 pax)
     CP-SLC Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts  
09:00-09:10     Intro/Moderation: Gianmaria Sannino  
09:10-09:35     Michalis Vousdoukas: Rising Extreme Sea Levels and their global impacts  
09:35-10:00     Sally Brown: Implications of a projected 1.5degC rise in temperatures: What does this mean for sea-level and coasts?Global Extreme Sea Level projections  
10:00-10:25   coffee break  
     CP-CHC Changes in the Hydrological Cycle  
10:25-10:35     Intro/Moderation: Elisa Palazzi, Ralf Ludwig  
10:35-11:00     Klaus Goergen: Integrated simulation of the European water cycle including human water use  
11:00-11:25     Marc Zebisch: Earth Observation of cryosphere and mountain hydrology  
     Climate Research in ECRA — The future of the Collaborative
 Programmes Break-Out workshop
     Discussion and brainstorming on the future of our four Collaborative Programmes
Lars H. Smedsrud and Gianmaria Sannino
Moderation: Birte Jørgensen and Elisa Palazzi
12:10-13:00   Lunch (on site)  
     CP-HIE High Impact Events and Climate Change  
13:00-13:10      Intro/Moderation: Martin Drews, Hilppa Gregow  
13:10-13:35     Rasmus Benestad: A new factor explaining more extreme rain - the reduction in global area with rainfall  
13:35-14:00     Nicole Van Lipzig: High Impact weather events in a changing climate in different regions of the world  
14:00-14:20     coffee break  
     CP-ARC Arctic Climate Stability and Change  
14:30-14:40     Intro/Moderation: Lars H. Smedsrud  
14:40-15:05     Thomas Jung: APPLICATE — Advancing Prediction in Polar regions and beyond: modelling, observing system design and LInkages associated with a Changing Arctic climaTE  
15:05-15:30     Steffen Olsen or Marius Årthun: Blue Action: Quantify the role of a changing Arctic in predictive capability of weather and climate of the Northern Hemisphere (title to be confirmed)  
15:30-16:00      Climate Research in ECRA —
 The future of the Collaborative Programmes: Outcomes
       Results of break-out groups and synthesis.  
       Moderation: Peter Braesicke  
16:00-16:30     Summary, Outlook and Closure  
16:30     End of meeting (Chair Peter Braesicke)  

Click here for the ECRA Newsletter of Dezember 2018.
The agenda and other information of our previous General Assemblies in 2017 and 2015.

 ▨    Flyer & Newsletter
A flyer (incl. Agenda) for the event (A4 format) can be downloaded here.
Click here for the ECRA Newsletter of Dezember 2018.

 ▨    Venue & Location
Square Brussels
Square Brussels was already the venue of our choice for the General Assemblies in 2017 and 2015 (Click the links for information about the past events).
The main venue for ECRA_GA19 will be 'The Arc', a parlamentarian room for approximately 140 people.
New this year: Square Brussel's room 202, one floor below the Arc, will serve the meeting as an additional room on Day 2. It will be used for the breakout group. See the Agenda for more information.

Location: Coudenberg 3, 1000 Brussels
3rd floor, 'The Arc'
GPS coordinates of event entrance: 50°50'36.2"N 4°21'28.7"E (Google Maps)
A 6-minute walk from Central station.

entrance to the venue
PDF by Square Brussels on how to get there (entrance nr. 4 on pdf)
or floor plan of the Square Brussels complex (pdf): 'The Arc' at Level 3

 ▨    Participation & Social media
We welcome your input before the event During the event:
  • Twitter: use our hashtag #ECRA_GA19
  • Participate and get active in our breakout group on Day 2
  • Possibility to ask questions in person (Q&A after each session) or online via slido during sessions
  • Participants agree to the use of photographs for our social media (unless otherwise noted during the registration)
  • On-site, a brochure will be availabe with the WiFi information and access to the ECRA
After the event
  • Hand in the questionnaire handed out on site or
  • enter your responses electronically (link will be posted here)

We welcome your input for the event: What is your background? Is there a Collaborative Programme of a particular interest for you?

General Assembly ECRA 2019


This event is open to all and will provide a platform for exciting discussions on our present and future climate. On the first day's afternoon and evening, scientists, decision-makers and experts from other fields will join for presentations and panel discussions, and we would welcome your participation. The second day will focus on science and ECRA's Collaborative Programmes.

The ECRA General Assembly 2019 will discuss current issues of a forum to discuss climate research priorities, vulnerable regions, impacts and potential adaptation strategies, along with advancing integrative and collaborative research. More than 110 climate scientists, policy makers and representatives from relevant climate initiatives made it a successful conference!

If you are interested in joining or receiving information, contact the ECRA Secretariat via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or follow us on Twitter (#ECRA_GA19). The General Assembly 2019 follows up on GAs of 2017 and 2015.



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