7-8 March 2017
Square Brussels Meeting Centre
Coudenberg 3
1000 Brussels


Climate Change and Vulnerable Regions

Climate Change has large impacts on natural systems and habitats posing challenges for our societies. The COP21 Conference in Paris 2015 set an important framework for reducing human influence on climate through reduction of CO2 emissions. At the same time, a robust knowledge about climate change and related impacts for vulnerable regions is of utmost importance for building resilience and implement policy frameworks in effective ways.

More than 110 climate scientists, policy makers and representatives from relevant climate initiatives participated in the ECRA General Assembly 2017. It was a forum to discuss climate research priorities, most vulnerable regions and opportunities for adaptation strategies, improving collaboration in climate research, advancing integrated science and impact assessments.

The conference agenda can be found here.

For each of ECRA's four Collaborative Programmes, Factsheets presenting key issues as well as recommendations for research priorities in H2020 and beyond were prepared.
You can download them here:
- Arctic Climate Stability and Change
- High Impact Events and Climate Change
- Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts
- Changes in the Hydrological Cycle


We were active on Twitter throughout the entire conference with the conference hashtag #ECRA2017.



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